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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I relive stress tension in my neck and back?

    I keep getting headaches and suffering with a sore neck and back.
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    Thankfully, the vast majority of headaches are caused by relatively benign conditions, such as tight neck muscles due to poor posture or stress leading to teeth grinding.

    First and foremost, if you have ongoing headaches that have no obvious explanation, please consult your GP or osteopath to determine the cause. Certain conditions causative of headaches, such as high blood pressure, are common within the community and do need medical management. Here are some solutions for your headache -

    Back pain is an exceptionally common ailment which most of us will experience at some point in our lives. Self-management strategies include going for a gentle walk and applying heat packs. If your back pain is persisting after trying gentle exercise and heat, a consultation with an osteopath may be helpful as they can ascertain the cause of your back pain and give you a tailored plan for recovery. An osteopath will apply manual therapy such as massage, stretching and manipulation (depending on the condition) as well as prescribe a rehabilitation plan (such as stretching or strengthening). Osteopaths are also well placed to help identify triggers for back pain, such as stress and posture, and advise upon lifestyle modifications that will be helpful.

    Your osteopath will work with you to:

    • reduce muscular tension, inflammation and nerve irritation
    • improve joint mobility
    • reduce the duration of low back pain episodes 
    • offer advice on posture, exercises and stretching
    • help prevent future episodes.

    Osteopaths can be visited without a referral from a GP and are trained to know the difference between uncomplicated back pain and back pain requiring referral to specialist care.

    To find your local practitioner visit our website -

    To prevent general back pain, it’s very important to keep mobile, introduce gentle exercises and to slowly build up to strengthening activities. The classic example is to get out and get walking. It’s cheap, and easy, and you can slowly increase your distance and pace as you get comfortable. Cycling, aquatic exercises such as swimming and aerobics are also great non-weight bearing exercises to consider as well. 

    Keep well!

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