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    Who do I see for my pain?

    I have back, neck and shoulder pain on my right side. I know it is caused through how I feed my son who is 4 months old, but I cant feed him another way. Is there any way of helping this pain? Also in my pelvis I sometimes get these little ‘poking’ feelings and an ache like I am being poked. They come and go. I spoke with my doctor and she seems to think it is from my labour and I need to strengthen the muscles. How do you know if the pain is muscular or bone pain or something else?

    If someone could please help me that would be great.
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    Dr Gary Sykes


    Dr Gary Sykes is a graduate Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B, B.S.) from Sydney University. He commenced his initial postgraduate training at … View Profile

    While pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding are wonderful times, they can take their toll on the body, as you have been experiencing. You baby is getting heavier and your body is reacting to your positioning with feeding. Ideally changing positions is the way you should go. It is important you persevere with trying to find other positions that are more comfortable. I am sure your baby will adapt. Also I suggest an osteopath or chiropractor may help. You could also try a good massage.

    With the pelvis pains your doctor may be right. It may well be due to labour and delivery. You will need a good gynaecological examination to try to clarify, as I am confident you doctor will have done. Again I suggest you see a good osteopath or chiropractor.

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    Rob Satchell


    Principal physiotherapist at Coast Allied Health in Culburra Beach, NSW. Rob has a special interest in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, in particular injuries of … View Profile

    Once you have received the all clear from your doctor following gynaecological examination  you should see a suitably qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Musculoskeletal related pelvic and lower back pain are very common after giving birth and can be caused by a range of factors. A physiotherapist could examine your pelvis, lower back and shoulder and provide you with information as to why the pain is continuing and provide a management program to address any problems you have.

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    Josephine Perry

    Bowen Therapist

    Josephine is a fully qualified Bowen Therapist, with full insurance cover and Association membership. Rebates provided by most health funds, according to levels of cover.Practice … View Profile

    I agree that correct positioning with arm support when feeding your baby is helpful going forward.  Bowen Therapy can provide relief to tired, stiff or painful muscles in any part of the body.  For diagnosis, see your physician or obstetrician.

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    After graduating from her Masters in Clinical Chiropractic, Cassie has completed two post graduate degrees in Chiropractic Sport Science and Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation. Her post graduate … View Profile

    Completely agree with Dianne about positioning, particularly with a pillow to take some of the load away.
    Being a chiropractor myself, I also agree with Dr Sykes. Chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy and / or massage should greatly assist reduce your discomfort. Finding the right practitioner will ensure you have your muscles and joints treated as well as giving you individualised advise to suit your body and that of your beautiful son.
    A lactation consultant could also be helpful to discover other ways to breastfeed (if you haven't already tried this). With little information it's hard to say, but sometimes it's painful for a baby to open their mouth or turn their head. Just as it might be after we experience a trauma. There are gentle techniques available from chiro, osteo and physio that might assist. Note that these are very different to those used on adults.

  • Sandra McFaul


    Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain? Based in SYDNEY, Sandra is 1 of ONLY 15 Physiotherapists in Australia with ADVANCED … View Profile

    Posture is very important.  I understand your comment about your posture and it is the way you are feeding your son.  And that it is difficult to change. 

    A McKenzie Method trained physio are experts in teaching people about correcting posture and showing 1 or 2 key exercises to help relieve pain.  I recommend to my patients if they can't change what they are doing, then do your pain relief exercise first. 

    GOOGLE McKenzie Method to find out more.... hope this helps

  • OsteopathyMyofascial ReleaseAcupuncture Voice Dialogue facilitator View Profile

    All these suggestions are sound. They will help you and allow less pain throughout the body. Also look at breathing techniques, as well as releasing the upper ribs with some MET and myofascial work.

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