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    Can you purchase melatonin over the counter at the chemist?

    Is melatonin appropriate for a 15 year old boy?
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    Dr Melissa Ree

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Dr Melissa Ree is an Insomnia and Anxiety specialist. She has worked in both clinical and research roles at private psychiatric hospitals and Universities in … View Profile

    Unlike the USA, Melatonin is not available over the counter in Australia. GPs can prescribe it, usually in a slow release form called Circadin. Melatonin is most often useful for sleep problems caused by the body clock not fitting well with the person's daytime obligations (e.g., in the case of delayed sleep phase, where the person cannot sleep until the early hours of the morning but then sleeps in too late to be on time for school/work/study). 

    Your GP would be able to make an assessment as to whether melatonin might be appropriate in this case. Good luck!

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