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    What is a good treatment for my stooping posture?

    I am looking for a good physio on the upper-north shore of Sydney nsw who can help with my stooping posture.
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  • Helen Potter


    As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with extensive experience and highly advanced qualifications, as well as excellent communication skills, I can help you to: Become informed … View Profile

    Phone the Australian Physiotehrapy Association
    or use
    Findaphysio on google

    Trudy is an excellent Specilisat physiotherapist particularly with neck pina and posture
    Dr Trudy Rebbeck - Sydney Specialist Physio Centre › Sydney Specialist Physio Centre › Our Specialists‎
    Dr Trudy Rebbeck. PhD, FACP, MAppSc (ManipPhty) BAppSc (Phty) Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Lecturer Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

    1/50 York St Sydney NSW 2000
    (02) 9299 0700

    Regards Helen Potter Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Subiaco WA

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    Dr Roi Cheng


    Graduating with distinctions from the prestigious 5 years Bachelors and Masters Chiropractic program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Dr Roi Cheng took a … View Profile

    Hi there,

    There are many approaches to a “stooped” or “slouched” posture including stretches, core strengthening exercises and good postural habits when sitting, sleeping and standing. However, I find that manual therapy such as chiropractic, especially those focussed on structural imbalances tend to work best. I practice Advanced Bio-Structural Correction in my clinic and I see patients with stooped and slouchy postures straighten up after a few sessions, everyday. 

    In my opinion, the main issue with poor posture is always a spine with poor structural or biomechanical integrity and function, and poor core musculature on top of this. I have found that treatment with Advanced Bio-Structural Correction has proved to be the most effective and long lasting. This accompanied with a regular dynamic exercise plan has always worked best for my patients.

    If you'd like to read a little more about Advanced Bio-Structural Correction, check out this link


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    Located in Armadale and Doncaster, Dr Michael Black has an interest in childrens' health and pregnancy. He is passionate aout sharing the benefits of chiropractic … View Profile

    There are many reasons for stooped posture including poor core muscle strength, occupational strains with prolonged neck and spine flexion, heavy schoolbags or backpacks, spending too long on mobile devices, poor desk and chair ergonomics, lack of exercise and even our subconcious self body image.

    Starting with exercise, there are many simple recommended activities including swimming, hydrotherapy, resistance workouts in a gym, yoga and tai chi which will activate and tone the spinal muscles, give you better upright balanced posture and get you moving more.

    An overview with a qualified practitioner such as chiropractor, osteopath, myotherapist or physiotherapist is a good start. The wrong activity can also be harmful.

    Everything in moderation remembering that it takes years to learn bad postural habits and will take some time to build tone and memory to the muscles who have to ‘go back top school’ and learn again. Too much too soon can work against you and your activity should be programmed and monitored by your therapist.

    Having said all this, a comprehensive postural and spinal exam is needed to exclude other health issues and to address the cause of the problem. There are a range of manual therapies that enjoy success in mobilising the spinal joints, release muscle tension and relieve neural pain.

  • Sandra McFaul


    Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain? Based in SYDNEY, Sandra is 1 of ONLY 15 Physiotherapists in Australia with ADVANCED … View Profile

    A McKenzie physiotherapist has done post-grad training in back and neck pain.  They train you in how to sit and walk tall and give you specific exercises to get rid of pain.  They also show you how to stop the pain from coming back. 

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