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    What should I do about these 'heart knots'?

    I have consulted a psychologist for two months. There are something happened in my life in the past two years (breaking up with ex, my pet passed away…). I felt depressed in a regular basis ( Once to twice a month). It lasted for around 1 week. In the two months I met my psychologist, I experienced less depression. It seems I find a way to go through the depressed events happened in the last two years. However, the feeling of depression become more often and stronger in this month after I stopped see psychologist. I can feel the heart pain, empty, and I would even ask myself, why I am still here. It happens more often compared to the past. I can feel there are knots in my heart. Every time I tried to work out what they are. But my mind will stop from recalling my memory. So I can feel many knots in my heart. But I do not know what they are.
    I do not know what I should do now. I do not know if I should continue seeing my psychologist. The time I enjoy most at the moment is sleeping
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    Alison Tennant

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist since 1986, arriving in Australia from South Africa in 2008. I have worked with a wide … View Profile

    Depression is a very debilitating condition and it sounds like you are quite deeply depressed. The knots in your heart could be due to co-morbid (this means happening as well) Anxiety disorder. Anxiety can cause many physical symptoms such as dizziness, rapid pulse (fast rate of heartbeat), trembling etc. 
    I suggest you go back to your psychologist, since that was helping you. By stopping your therapy you have had another loss and less support, This can make you feel very alone and for many people this could lead to the development of Anxiety. Explain your new condition to your psychologist and he or she can give you techniques, mainly based on controlling the way you breathe, to help you manage these symptoms. Depression such as what you are experiencing will take some time to lift and you may have to continue seeing your psychologist for some months to come. 
    Best wishes and I hope this has helped you.

  • I have been working in Eltham, Melbourne as a relationship and family counsellor for over twelve years. I draw on current theory and research about … View Profile

    I agree with Alison - it sounds like it would be important to continue seeing your psychologist, as s/he has been helping you. You may also consider (if you have not already) speaking to your GP about medication - for some people psychological strategies, while helpful, are not enough to deal with depressive and/or anxiety symptoms, and this is where medication may give you an additional benefit.

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