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    Fainting, sore forehead, tiredness, nausea - what could it be besides tumor?

    My son fainted one night so took him to doctors next day were he fainted again getting bloods took, he has been referred to a nurologist as urgent, bloods came back normal next day. Since then hes been very tired, headaches around the forehead and has been repeating himself without realising it twice now. I am a nervous wreck as i have a fear for many years of having a brain tumor and now the symtoms for my son dont sound good. Can u tell me is there anything else it could be without it being a tumor?
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    Dr Ryan Hislop


    Dr Ryan Hislop, Chiropractor is situated in Mudgee with the team from Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. He has a special interest in sports chiropractic … View Profile

    A common quote was repeated to us many times throughout our study. “Common events happen commonly, uncommon events happen uncommonly”. And although that is true, it is always prudent to make sure those uncommon things don't happen to you. 

    It sounds as though you have made the right decisions so far and that is all you can do for now. 

    The signs and symptoms your son is experiencing can be related to many other less serious ailments. Even low sugar levels have the potential to cause such issues. 

    There are too many different possibilties to list here, however rest assured that you are doing all you can do at the moment, and although unfortunately brain tumours do occur, they are a fairly rare occurance in the general population. 

    All the best,
    Please keep us posted how he goes. 

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