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    Is chiropractic care for children dangerous?

    Today Tonight has aired a story saying that it's “child abuse”.. but I have never seen a chiropractor actually do anything that would be dangerous on a delicate baby.. is this true?
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    There has been a lot of media coverage on this area lately. This was triggered by statistics highlighting an increase of children and young adults undergoing chiropractic via the epc (enhanced primary care) through Medicare. For a child to claim under this program it needs to be approved by a general practitioner. Any intervention comes with it a risk, the risks can be small and incidental and others a higher and more severe than others. Some of the research mentioning the danger behind chiropractic and children have been not specific to chiropractic. One paper inparticular  the practitioner was a non registered therapist. In most parts if the world spinal manipulation can be carried out by general practitioners, physiotherapist osteopaths and chiropractors. Osteopaths and chiropractors are the most qualified to administer spinal manipulate therapy as it forms a large basis of 5 years university training. Though with regards to children, the spinal manipulation carried out it a lot lighter, usually the same pressure as lightly touching your eyeball or the use of an instrument called an activator. If you have seen a chiropractor adjust a child, how would you describe it? I would recommend anyone considering taking their child to a chiropractor but are apprehensive to find a practitioner who sees kids and discuss any concerns you may have. Likewise any practitioner wanting to find out more about chiropractic go and talk with a local chiropractor to find out for yourself what chiropractic is. As practitioners out focus should be on patient health and safety not who a patient has seen.

    hope this helps 

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    Dr Ben Schutte


    I am a vitalistic chiropractor. Vitalism as a concept, in part, means that the whole is much more than the some of the parts. The … View Profile

    Chiropactors have been working with children since its inception back in 1895. The incidences of harm are miniscule compared to using prescription drugs. The techniques we use are are infant/child specific.

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    Located in Armadale and Doncaster, Dr Michael Black has an interest in childrens' health and pregnancy. He is passionate aout sharing the benefits of chiropractic … View Profile

    It is vital to recognise that there are a myriad of approaches and techniques available within the chiropractic profession and these are adapted for all ages and body types. While media coverage tends to focus on traditional manipulative therapy, there are many chiropractors using passive, gentle and very safe techniques exclusively in practice, including young patients.

    The very question “Is chiropractic care dangerous?” is vague without qualifying whether manipulation is being used. The non-manipulative passive techniques are extremely safe and I would think the more relevant issue is the assessment and diagnosis not the nature of the treatment. The training at under-graduate and post-graduate levels for chiropractors seeing children equips them to recognise the salient signs of illness and to work safely with other health practitioners.

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