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    Why is it so hard to lose weight when you are aged nearly 60?

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    It is so hard and so very depressing sometimes watching your weight but with no results - I expect it is because your metabolism is so very sluggish and with me anyway, virtually non-existent. What is the best way to get your metabolism going when you are older.
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    In my experience nearly everyone can lose weight if they go about it the right way. While you may well be eating healthily and doing regular exercise, it is possible you are still eating too many kilojoules daily for weight loss.
    I have many clients who come to me at a loss as to why they can't lose weight as they feel they are doing all the right things. Nearly always they are able to reduce their daily energy intake by at least another 1000kJ (or 250 calories) and then the weight starts to come off.
    Eating regular meals (esp. a good breakfast) with high fibre whole foods along with a good level of physical activity is a good start to getting your metabolism working harder and burning off more energy.
    If you haven't seen a dietitian, then I suggest you do so as they will be able to help you get your weight down and most importantly, keep it down.

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