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    How can I lose weight and manage my coeliac disease?

    I have a hate/love relationship with food and am finding it difficult. My focus is now on reaching my goal weight and avoiding all gluten and dairy foods (lactose intolerant as well) my enjoyment of food is now nil and I am struggling to come to terms with this.
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  • Anonymous

    I need some much needed support I have moved here from New Zealand and am finding it difficult and lonely and have gone back to my ED.  I have severe coeliac disease and lactose intolerance and food is no longer enjoyable.  I don't see the point in eating without the enjoyment of it.  I have panic attacks when having to go out.  I also had an anaphylactic reaction to mushrooms back home where I was on deaths door and had my heart restarted twice in the ambulance.  I have come through  a lot over the years and need some advice and support.  I had an extremely great and excellent support team back home and was doing well now I am finding myself alone with no where to turn to.  Doctors are expensive health care seems impossible to find here and I miss my support back home.  My life experiences have been difficult and I find myself punishing me by going without food or limiting my intake to extremes.  My weight has dropped severely and I am now wondering where I am suppossed to get the help I once had.  Loneliness, anxiety and racing thoughts have consumed me and continue to do so each and every day.  I find myself wallowing in the emptiness of my stomach and am finding it hard to cope with coeliac etc.  I also have fibromyalgia in which I am in pain a lot it seems to have worsened with stress.  After  being assaulted at work things have got worse where do I go what am I suppossed to do.  A big part of me just wants to go home.


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