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    Gauging my own 'healthy weight'...

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    How am I best to go about gauging whether or not I am of a healthy weight, and if not WHAT is a healthy weight for me?

    I find this an ever persistent question in my head. I have done the BMI a multitude of times and find that due to my heaight and build I usually either fall into the ‘overweight’ or the top end of the ‘healthy weight’ range. Yet if I look in the mirror and am truly honest with myself (and put my demons to rest for a moment) I would argue the fact that I am overweight, and would argue even stronger the fact that I could lose 8-10kg and still be considered within the ‘healthy’ weight range (which is the lower limit of my weight calculation according to my height). I am sure my body fat % and my waist to hip ratio measurements each show I am within healthy range, yet dont give me that clarifying, concrete number to work towards!

    I suppose the big question here is, IS there an updated version of the BMI for self assessment so I can have an objective measure to work with instead of bouncing between my internal dialogue of “OMG I'm so huge today” and “Gosh! Am i REALLY over the healthy range of weight for my height!? I dont FEEL like I am…”
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