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    How can I handle my children with autism/add?

    I have a ten yr old with autism/add and a six yr old with add. The six yr old is picking up all the bad habit from ten yr old and gaining up on me. It is sending me batty! Biggest problem is anxiety and sleep in ten yr old. Feels like nothing works so would like to hear from others with similar issues.
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    Kristen Ross

    Counsellor, Kinesiologist

    Kristen Ross is a qualified Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Sports Therapist.Affinity Wellness is her holistic wellness practice offering a holistic wellness experience by focusing on all … View Profile

    Routine, Routine, Routine. Children with Austism need a sense of stability and structure, your 6 year old will follow your older son's lead so place your focus on your eldest. 
    Anxiety is very common and often linked to a fear of being detached from the parent or issues with not being in control, a ‘transitional’ safety object such as a soft toy or something else he values could help him to transition from wake-time to sleep time with less anxiety. Create a routine around bedtime and don't change it. 
    Nutritionally you should look into diet and make sure that you minimise sugar and processed foods as much as possible, autistic and ADD children often do better on a whole food, organic diet full of essential nutrients. 
    Physically try to get them involved in physical group based activities which wil not only help them run off some of their excess energy but will also help with bonding and social skills. It might also be good for your youngest to be provided with other children to model his behaviour from in a structured team environment.

    Lastly, if you're not coping seek some counselling or down-time for yourself.   

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