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    How can osteopathy help someone with asthma?

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    Osteopathy can help someone with asthma from a couple of different perspectives. Generally people with asthma will be coughing a lot and will really be struggling with their breathing, or trying to breathe out. In doing so, they tend to use muscles around the neck and chest to assist with that breathing. We can do treatments to help those muscles relax so those muscles are more efficient and effective in what they do. Also with lots of those coughing and restrictions in breathing the actual ribs where they attach on the spine can become stiff, and we can do treatments to assist that range of movement for the ribs and make sure those ribs are moving more freely to help that person breathe better, as that person will be able to move better. We can also do some treatment on the actual diaphragm. With that struggling to breathe out, we tend to use muscles more to push that air out, with asthma. We can so some work through the diaphragm, the diaphragm is a muscle, so we can do some work through there, making that muscle more effective in helping us breathe out.

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