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    How is it possible to avoid exposure to triggers that make my asthma symptoms worse if they are in the air?

    Each spring my asthma symptoms worsen due to pollens and dust. How can I control my symptoms if these triggers are air borne?
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    Prof Ron Walls

    Pathologist (Immunologist)

    It is possible to significantly reduce your exposure to these airborne triggers. It is not possible to totally avoid them. Certainly with house dust mites, there are a number of measures that you can take in the house to reduce the load of house dust mites, and this can be very effective in dealing with your asthma. Mould is another factor in the environment, which
    can be dealt with by ensuring good ventilation and dealing with leaking showers and gutters.

    Certainly, pollens are much more difficult to avoid. But you can take common sense measures, such as when you drive, keeping the windows of the car closed and using the air conditioner, and trying to time your visits to the country outside of the spring pollen season.

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    Lucinda Curran


    Lucinda Curran of Eco Health Solutions offers a truly holistic approach to health by combining Building Biology and Chinese Medicine. Her work is solutions-focussed and … View Profile


    An added layer to this approach is to wear a mask. There are some masks that are designed to filter out airborne allergens - from pollens and dust mites, right down to petrol fumes… 

    For you, with pollens being a problem, a silk mask with a tight weave should be very useful.

    I hope that our combined answers provide you with some good tips to avoid suffering.



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