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    Should I see a chiropractor for my shoulder pain?

    For the past two weeks I noticed that my right shoulder is slightly sore. I’m not sure how I injured it and it didn’t seem like anything serious. However yesterday when I tried to go swimming in the ocean I noticed it was especially painful when I was moving my arm whilst paddling. Can a chiropractor identify the cause and help treat me?
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    Dr Michael Powderly

    Chiropractor, Kinesiologist

    .Dr Michael Powderly is a Chiropractor of 22 years’ experience, practicing in Surrey Hills Melbourne, and consulting for the Melbourne Rebels Super 15 Rugby Union … View Profile

    Chiropractors, especially those trained in sports chiropractic, are well equipped to find and correct the cause of most shoulder problems, especially since neck posture is a major underlying cause of non-contact shoulder injuries. When shoulder injuries happen without trauma, there has typically been a slow build up of stress on the involved tendons or joints causing them to degrade and eventually fail.

    The injury described in this question is probably a rotator cuff tendon injury in the shoulder. This usually involves inflammation of tendon attachments of one or more rotator cuff muscles. A sports chiropractor would be able to identify the injury and the causes that led to it, and may be able to help correct them. As a temporary measure, I suggest you have your shoulder strapped with kinesio tape. It will probably give you immediate relief.

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    Ashley Smith


    Multisite DirectorBackinmotion check our View Profile

    Thanks, your question is very open ended as there are numerous causes for a sore shoulder apart form the cuff being an issue.  My suggestion is you get yourself off to see a good musculoskeletal Physiotherapist to not only diagnose the pathology ie. cuff or otherwise but also work out the bio-mechanics that caused this to occur, and if it was from an injury then wether you have the right biomechanics for recovery and sustainability. You don't want it coming back after a quick fix nor be dependant on your health practitioner for ever.
    PS. Also my experience with kinesio tape and I use it quite a bit is it will only help if your condition is not severe. And I'm not too sure about immediate relief…

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    Dr Ryan Hislop


    Dr Ryan Hislop, Chiropractor is situated in Mudgee with the team from Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. He has a special interest in sports chiropractic … View Profile

    Chiropractors are extensively trained in managing shoulder complaints and tend to also drill down to find the true dysfunction that caused the issue. This is not just a “quick fix” to temporarily remove the pain, rather this allows the body to appropriately heal to avoid recurrence and allow your shoulder to stay as healthy as possible and retain is maximum function. 

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