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    I had my stomach stapled 22 years ago. What should carb/day intake be?

    i have severe migraines and am sick alot because of the stomach stapling. i have accepted this. most of the food i do eat comes back up. just want to know what carb intake should be. i weigh 255 lbs and am 39.

    p.s. my daughter is a type 1 diabetic so we eat regularly and quite healthy.
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  • I am Accredited Practising Dietitian with a passion for helping people who suffer from food intolerance. I have 25 years of experience in this area … View Profile

    It is imperative that you consult a dietitian to answer this question and also to assess your nutritional status.  It is not possible to advise the level of carbohydrates you require for health without a full history.

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