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    When to seek medical attention for neck pain?

    I am experiencing mild to moderate neck pain on a daily basis while sitting at work. Is this normal? Should I seek medical attention? I am unsure of other ways to ‘treat’ this issue..
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    Dr Stephen Leow

    HealthShare Member

    Pain is usually a sign that something is not right. Having any pain is not normal and you need to work out what is causing the pain. It could be something as simple as your posture at work. Other things like osteoarthritis of the neck is common, especially when you get older. I suggest you visit your GP to further investigate the problem

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    Dr Ryan Hislop


    Dr Ryan Hislop, Chiropractor is situated in Mudgee with the team from Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. He has a special interest in sports chiropractic … View Profile

    Dr Leow is exactly correct, and as he said, it may be something as simple as posture at work. This is something that we come across on a daily basis and thankfully it is something that responds well to care.

    Pain is the body's mechanism of telling your brain that there is potential or actual tissue damage occuring. Look at it like the oil light on the dashboard of your car. Get your health professional to have a look at it and rule out anything that may be more concerning. Most commonly, neck pain is musculoskeletal in origin and respond well to treatment.

    If you are concerned with your posture at work, I would recommend visiting There are lots of ergonomic and posture tips that may help during the day.

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    Sandra McFaul


    Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain? Based in SYDNEY, Sandra is 1 of ONLY 15 Physiotherapists in Australia with ADVANCED … View Profile

    Pain is a sign that you are putting abnromal stress on your body.  If the pain occurs while sitting, as you say it does, this means the way you sit needs to be addressed. 

    You can seek care from a trained McKenzie physiotherapist who will teach you about postue and one or two key exercises to get rid of the pain.  Active treatment that you get from a McKenzie therapist will help you take control.  And these exercises can then be used for the rest of your life to stop the pain from coming back.

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