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    I feel so alone. I have pain in my leg and back.

    I have suffered depression all my life i have no one to care. I am sick of it and I cry every day.
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  • Joe Gubbay

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    Having physical pain and psychological pain (depression) is a difficult but common combination. Do speak to your GP about it; there are treatment options.  Regarding neck and back pain, your doctor would need to make sure that your physical condition is properly assessed and treated.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy, and specifically pain management, is a type of psychological therapy that can help you to break the link between chronic physical pain and depression, and to help you to reduce the impact of long term physical pain on your life.  This style of therapy is also effective for most people in treating depression.  There are also antidepressant medications that can provide pain relief as well as helping depression, though medication isn't my area of expertise.  Your GP should be able to help you to come up with an action plan and referrals to any specialists that might be needed, including to a suitable psychologist.  

    I wish you all the best, do pursue treatment options, because it's worth it.

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    Also try Chiro, Physio and massage. It worked well for me. I have no depression when I have no pain!


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    Hi Robyn,

    I'm so sorry you are overwhelmed with these problems but I believe that dealing with them one at a time will help.

    Leg pain coming from the back is very common. As a chiropractor I have treated this type of problem many times. Physical pain can aggravate other issues you are dealing with. Also sleep is very important for your health in many ways. I don't think your sleep would be too good at the moment with the back and leg pain you're suffering.

    If you could see a chiropractor and find out what's going on in your spine that would be great. Knowing what's wrong and even better, getting it treated properly, will make a great difference to your life. Once you're feeling better physically and sleeping better you'll have more physical and emotional strength to tackle the other issues such as depression.

    There are some great therapists available to help you. That is not my area of expertise (please see other answers) but one thing I would recommend is that you find one that you can relate to well: they may not be the first one you come across but don't give up, you'll know the right one when you meet them. This is important with any health professional you use.





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