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    What is Treacher Collins syndrome?

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  • Alina Kirievsky

    Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Psychologist

    Alina Kirievsky, founder of Eastern Suburbs Child Psychology, offers services for infants, toddlers, pre-school and primary school aged children, and their families.As a registered Educational … View Profile

    Treacher Collins Syndrome is a rare genetic condition, which can be passed on or occur spontaneously. Children born with this condition have facial malformations (including downward slanting eyes, undevelopped cheek bones and small lower jaw) and small or absent ears. As a result, children can suffer from hearing loss, breathing and eating difficulties. These need to be addressed medically and include fitting with hearing aids and performing necessary craniofacial surgeries.

    Children with Treacher Collins Syndrome usually have normal intelligence, but may be more prone to psychological problems, due to their differences in appearance from other children.

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