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    What is the best soap and lotion for my baby's skin?

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  • If your baby has sensitive skin I would recommend using something like QV bath oil - It is liquid parrafin based.

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    Naomi Brown

    Registered Nurse

    I am a qualified Nurse, Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Nurse and Lactation Consultant. I have worked over the past 7 years across a range … View Profile

    A baby’s skin is very delicate. In the first few weeks of life your baby’s skin is adjusting from being in an environment surrounded by fluid (the womb) to an environment surrounded by air. The skin is trying to balance out the oils it releases to keep it soft, supple and intact. After the initial few months your baby’s skin is sensitive to heat, contact with clothes, etc. Most skin issues are related to having dry skin. As soaps tend to wash away natural oils that keep the skin hydrated, I would recommend using just water to bathe your baby. Many people also recommend a few drops of a plant based oil (eg olive oil) or a soap free bath wash or oil (eg a QV product) should you wish to use something rather than nothing. Frequently moisturising throughout the day will also help to keep the skin well hydrated although it is not necessary to use lotions if your baby’s skin appears healthy without it.
    Try not to be fooled by “organic”, “natural”, or more expensive products. Often products with fewer ingredients, with fewer claims emblazoned on their labels are gentler on the skin.

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