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    Are there any retreats for chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis?

    I'm trying to find a retreat to help me deal with recurring chronic pelvic pain that doesn't seem to respond to anything. Am physically and emotionally exhausted after 12 yrs and am looking for somewhere with a holistic approach.
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  • Anonymous

    Hi there, I went on a Health Retreat in January this year to a wonderful place called Camp Eden in QLD. While they don't specialise in one particular health problem they are very holistic in their approach and there are a range of professionals there who may be able to help you including a naturopath. I would definitely reccommend it as a placed to go if you are feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. I went for 7 days but they do offer 5 day stays as well.

    There web address isĀ

  • marsy

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks! It's so hard to know which ones are good, it's great to hear from someone who has been there

  • jean50

    HealthShare Member

    Why not consider a hysterectomy. I was totally anti myself, and now 4 months after - I am so glad I have no more pain and no more hassles with it all - bect thing I've done for myself in 7-8 years of shitty periods. I was totally into natural methods too - and frankly wasted a lot of good money on them !! Im so glad Ive had the operation at 50 years old.

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