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    How do I find a practitioner that cares about getting me better?

    My doc does not seem to care about what I go through its as if he has more important things, I can't seem to get help. I'm in a bad way and life is seeming pretty useless I'm very depressed, I can't work cause of my injury,chronic pain right leg and lower left back and mild pain left leg.

    I was fit, healthy, sexually active and very strong before the accident now I'm a broken 30yo male. I can't do sports cause of my right leg and I rarely leave my house. My fiancé left me from the state I'm in and because I can't cope with life or work. I don't know what will happen if I can't find someone who cares to help me get better and deal with my pain. What should I do?
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    Dr Ryan Hislop


    Ryan Hislop is the Clinical Director at the Mudgee Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. As an experienced and evidence-based diagnostician, Ryan works largely by medical … View Profile

    I am sorry to hear of this situation. Unfortunately, the predicament of your injury is very common, however it doesn't enter the public arena very often. 

    You may find it beneficial to seek a second opinion or ask around if there are any practitioners that people would recommend. 

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    John Stevens

    Exercise Physiologist

    John is an exercise physiologist and owner of Kinetic Medicine, an Exercise Physiology practice with 5 clinics on the NSW Mid North Coast. John is … View Profile

    Unfortunately this is all too often the report from patients and in the defence of GP's our current healthcare framework often permits the patient being reduced to a diagnosis. I agree with the above answers whole heartedly, it is crucial your care involves participants who express a level of concern about your welfare you feel is appropriate. May I also suggest you consider seeking out the services of an exercise physiologist? We specialise in musculoskeletal injuries and all the concerns associated including the psychological and social factors that may be contributing to your suffering. More importantly the goal is to help you to best help yourself, and this will involve establishing clear goals and developing behaviours that will help you achieve these. To find your nearest exercise physiologist go to or ask your GP for more information or a referral.

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    hello.  sorry to hear what you have been though you are going though a lot, may I suggest that you go and see and try and found another doctor because not all Drs are like this, and you sometimes have to found someone that works with you and listens believe me I have seen a few before I found a GP that I trust and supports me.  I know you want to get well and that is the first start.

    Have you been to see a specialist that specialises in pain at a pain clinic?  They see people with chronic pain all the time and maybe able to assist you by looking at your current medications and if there are other options.  I would also suggest you might want to look at getting some counsilling and also perhaps see if you are able to work with a physiotherapist or an exercise physiotherapist that works with people with chronic pain.  I can recommend seeing an exercise physiotherapist.  I suffer from chronic pain and started seeing a physcologist as well as an exercise physiotherapist I never thought I would get though my depression and be able to achieve what I wanted to do in life but they both helped me mentally and physically, although it was a slow process it helped me.  Yes I still suffer from chronic pain but I have learnt how to pace myself and listen to my body.    An exercise physotherapist works with you and can design an exercise programme for you. I do help things are better for you and do take care.

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