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    What are the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome?

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    Tourettes syndrome involves a compulsion to perform repetitve behaviours; these behaviours can involve vocal or motor tics.  The stereotype of a tourettes patient having an uncontrolled swearing habit is actually far from the truth.  Only around 2% of Tourettes patients will engage in undesireable vocalizations; it is far more common for sufferers to exhibit either or both of the following:
    1. Vocal tics; most commonly involving grunting, nasal sounds or word repetition. Often a sufferer will try to mask these types of tics by working them into other words or by coughing or clearing their throat.
    2. Motor tics; commonly involving the facial muscles and resulting in squinting, tongue movements or twitching of the mouth. Other motor tics can involve twitching of the neck. shoulder, arms or hands.

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