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    What is the difference between fragile x syndrome and autism?

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    Assoc Prof & Reader Cheryl Dissanayake is the Director of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre. She is also an Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology … View Profile

    While there is co-mobidity between autism and fragile-x syndrome (FXS), i.e., may people with FXS meet criteria for autism (we found up to 40% of people with FXS met criteria for Autistic Disorder) , they are not the same condition. FXS is the most common inherited form of intellectual disabilty and is caused by large expansions of a trinucleotide repeat - CCG - in the X-linked FMRI (fragile X mental retardation gene). While the molecular underpinnings of FXS are well unerstood, we still do not fully know the biological basis of ASDs.  

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