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    I'm so depressed i dont even want to talk any more i cant remember yesterday or the morning without a great effort of thinking i go to the shop to get milk and come out with everything but. i take care of 2 children one is 13 and one is 2 i have to be avaliable to them they are both at really important times in there lives i can not bear the thought of letting them down i'm now at the crying all the time stage i lay there looking out the window one part of my brain wizzing about the things i should be doing and the things i will do but will forget the things i cant do and then all the rest like a whirl pool and the other part of my brain kicks in and its sad so so sad for the effort that i do that gets me nowhere the people that i love that dont love me the same way i want them to the things my children miss out on the people that dont love me and them for the way they are the lack of privacy the constant pressure to keep my head above the water why do i bother i have no partner.
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  • Motherof2

    HealthShare Member

    Hi lily 
    have you been to the doctor or are you on any medication? 
    I know how hard it can be when you feel like that and you have a million things to do and you are exhausted and couldnt be bothered and don't know how you can keep going on like this everyday.
    I found that medication helped and also seeing a psychologist. 
    Also learning to love yourself helps a lot as well. That is the most important thing. Try to treat your self the way you would treat your best friend. Something else that helped me was going to the gym (this gives me time to myself and also makes me feel happier). It does take constant effort but you can feel better. You deserve it.

  • Boots

    HealthShare Member

    Exercise helped me too Lily. I don't do much just walk. (about 20 mins). I also go to a chiro or massage every now and then. It makes me feel great.



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