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    What is wrong with me??

    I honestly dont know if i could call it depressed. Ive had numerous issues over the years, most of which ive grown out of. So a couple of years back, met who i thought was going to marry, made sure i did everything right, then i get sent back to Australia to “Set up a home” So in a fit of excitement, i get back, straight into a job, and a uni course, then get dumped. The energy continued for a few months and now i am in a slump yet again, uni course fell through, issues at work that managers wont deal with, and me just wanting to go away and not deal with anything. And im back into my old ways of feeling isolated, good for nothing, lonely, and feeling like im not going anywhere. I was told previously that it was seperation anxiety, but its everything other than the ex that gets me so sad these days and i dont know what. Im down and out for a week or so at a time, then something kicks in and im over it for a month, then im back in the hump.
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    I am definately no expert but perhaps you could ask your doctor to look into assessing you for bipolar 2 or cyclothymia. These are treated very differently to depression and may help you to gain some clarity in your situation.

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