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    What are common environmental allergens?

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    Dr Alexander Lozynsky

    Allergy Specialist & Immunologist

    Consultant allergist and immunologist, with particular interest in allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, allergic respiratory disorders, food allergies and sensitivity and allergic skin conditions, including atopic … View Profile

    Environmental allergens vary depending on where you live, namely on geographic regions. Common indoor allergens in Sydney and surrounding regions are house dust mite, animal dander that mainly includes the saliva and fur of cats and dogs, as well as moulds. Outdoor environmental allergens are predominantly pollen from various types of grasses and weeds, tree pollens and moulds present in the soil. 

    Although allergy sufferers may be irritated by the smell of plants and flowers such as jasmine, these are not true allergens.

    If there is no exposure to a specific allergen to which a person is sensitized then that person  will not experience allergic symptoms. This explains why such people will feel significantly better in a different geographic environment.     

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