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    I feel like i am stuck, going around in a circle my whole life. No hope no future. Ive just decided to stop seeing my counselor because most of the time i would come out more frustrated and confused than before. I keep feeling like its not the answer im looking for but she thinks i might be scared of change, that i feel hopeless and dont believe anything could help. I have friends who try to listen and stuff, a boyfriend who continues to want to be with me and no matter what people say, i think im not lovable and that no one really cares about me.

    I am one of 9 kids and i was sexually abused by my brother when i was young, he now seems to have lots of social issues and apart from him i am the only one in my family depressed. im tired of going through this. I just want to be happy. I talk to my parents amd they just tell maybe i need to speak to someone and then i get frustrated because i paid $100 a wk to see a counselor for almost a yr and didnt feel it worked. I just wish i could be normal
    • Dr Louise Shepherd
    • Dr Simon Easterbrook-Smith
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  • Dr Louise Shepherd

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    The first thing I would say is that it is good that you can see that you are stuck. It sounds like a very powerful belief that you have about being unlovable and the belief that you have that no one really cares. It sounds like you see the whole world through these beliefs. Sometimes, therapy takes some time. For some people, 1 to 2 years is needed to shift all beliefs we hold so they have less power over us. If you do not feel that you are making progress, maybe rather than giving up, you might think about seeing a new therapist; a clinical psychologist, either recommended by your GP or through the community mental health team, which is free, might be worth trying.

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    I am sorry to read about your experience of sexual abuse and wish you well in your journey of healing and recovery.

    This site might help you:

    There are a lot of good resources there.


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