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    Can anyone suggest homeopathic remedies for stress and anxiety?

    I have tried various medications over the years and would now like to try a homepathic remedy? Any advice would be appreciated…
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    I dont know of any remedies apart from some vitamins with valerian, I am pretty sure Blackmores have one with valerian in it which is meant to have a calming affect.

    What tends to work for me when suffering stress and anxiety is deep breathing, a massage, yoga/ meditation, a long bath and a long walk by the ocean…. simple things which take you out the grind of everyday life can do wonders for your stress and anxiety….

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    A great remedy for stress and anxiety is Rescue Remedy which is basically a combination of various Bach Flower essences. Other Bach Flower remedies good for stress and anxiety are Oak and Elm for stress and Mimulus and White Chestnut for anxiety. Any good health store will have these flower essences. They work wonderfully especially when combined with any of the tips listed above


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