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    How often should I check for breast lumps?

    How often should I check for lumps in my breast as a possible indication of breast cancer? Is it enough to check by myself or should I also be going in for regular breast exams?
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    Mr Amro Labib

    Breast Surgeon, Endocrine Surgeon, General Surgeon

    The classic recommendation for self examination is once a month after your period is gone. 

    The need for breast imaging depends on your age and your family history of breast cancer. 

    If you are 50 or more with no family history , the recommendation is that you should have a mammogram every 2 years 

    If you have positive family history this will change and you may need to have mammograms more often or even some other imaging like MRI so it`s better to check with your GP who can refere you to a breast surgeon if needed

    Hope this helps 


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