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    Is there a vaccine for ovarian cancer

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    A not-for-profit national organisation that provides support and advocacy for people affected by ovarian cancer. View Profile

    There is no vaccine available in Australia at them moment for Ovarian Cancer.  There are clinical trails being conducted currently for a test vaccine however the results have not yet been released and will not be available until the completion of the trial.

  • Dr Sujoy Mitra

    Medical Oncologist (Cancer Specialist)

    Medical oncologist and clinical haematologist treating all malignancies apart from acute leukaemias. View Profile

    There is no vaccine to prevent from ovarian cancer. There is a vaccine to protect against the HPV virus that is administered to young women upto the age of 26.
    Although the likelihood of getting some types of cancer may be passed down through genes, cervical cancer is not one of them. Instead, most cases of cervical cancer are caused by different strains, or types, of a virus known as the human papillomavirus (HPV).
    The vaccine protects against the most common strains of HPV, two of which are associated with cervical cancer (HPV itself is not a form of cancer, it is a virus).

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