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    Could I have Arnold-Chiari malformation?

    I am 20 yars old and experience frequent headaches and nausea. The doctor doesn't seem to know the exact cause but suggested it could be due to stress (tension headaches). However, I am trying to make sure there isn't a more serious underlying cause. How do I know if it is Arnold-Chiari malformation?
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    There are lots of reasons for headaches & nausea, stress is one & it is a far more common cause than arnold-chiari, do you have a reason to believe you have that? If you do then headaches are usually very very severe, other symptoms include loss of sensation & loss of voice, or changed voice amongst other things see for a case study (at end of that link)

    MRI would confirm one way or another, but the doctor won't refer you unless he can see symproms to warrant it. I would reccomend you see a local osteopath or chiropractor & get a physical examination often neck problems can cause headaches & nausea, You might have what is called a cervicogenc headache which can also cause nausea, here's a link on that It is a far far more common condition.

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