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    Feeling very alone and down

    I have been on Zoloft for about two and a half years. Latly I feel very alone and down, I try to talk to my partner but I don't think he understands. It feels like when I'm on a downer he just rolls his eyes as if to say he is over it.

    I have a constant sick feeling in he bottom of my stomach, like I am still a child with no way out.

    I have a nice home, partner and job but it still doesn't feel good.

    I feel so alone
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    • Wyley Hargraves
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    I hear your pain and I know that this feeling of being disconnected with your partner is having a profound effect on your life. It may be time to get some professional help (couples counseling) so that your partner understands that your feelings are very important at this time. Feeling alone and down is not a good combination, especially when so much good is going on around you (having a nice home, and a job that you enjoy!)

    However, your feelings can override all of that, unless you're getting some understanding from your partner. It's important that you make it known to him that this is an important part of your world at the moment, and that there needs to be some understanding on his part. He may need help, from a professional sense, to be able to understand where you're at. I would certainly suggest some couples counselling.


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