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    How do I know when a headache is a symptom of something more serious?

    I have regular headaches and I'm worried that these may be an indication that somethign else is wrong. If it was something more serious would I be getting other symptoms?
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  • John Smartt is an osteopath who practices in the centre of Sydney. View Profile

    The short answer is, if you are worried you should get it checked out. If it isn't anything more serious (and it usually isn't), you will feel better for not having the worry that it could be something serious. It isn't necessary to have other symptoms with a headache that indicates something serious is happening. A headache of a type you have never had before is more likely to indicate a serious cause than something that is regular, but the very fact that you are getting the headaches regularly means you are putting up with something that you shouldn't have to. See someone about it.

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