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    what are the main treatments for brain injuries?

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    Maree Wragg

    Healthshare Member

    In Australia VERY  few.  Neurologists all seem to be old, and voice what they were taught 30 years ago - it is a brain injury, nothing you can do about it.  The cells are dead.  NOTHING  innovative is being trialed here, no stem cell therapy, all you get is the useless physiotherapy, and “ acceptance” therapy - acceptance that your life has “changed” and you will never be the same.
    That is why so many Australians are heading overseas to the US and to Asia to try to get treatment to give them a fighting chance to re-establish their lives, after a stroke, an accident a disease such as Parkinsons any sort of brain injury destroys their lives

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    Healthshare Member

    What treatments are being used overseas to treat ABIs - deep brain stimulation? Any others?

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    Dr John Fuller

    Neurosurgeon (Brain and Spine)

    Dr Fuller graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1987. He undertook neurosurgical training in Sydney at the Prince of Wales, Sydney Children’s ... View Profile

    Some of the conditions that have led to the injury may be reversible with surgery or other intervention. Unfortunately a number of the conditions cannot be directly targeted but the treatment is aimed at providing the optimal conditions for the brain to recover such as in trauma.

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