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    What organ produces insulin?

    Wanting to know what organ produces insulin?
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    Neil Synnott

    Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

    I am qualified as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and ACCREDITED EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST.I primarily use the McKENZIE METHOD for assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain disorders. The McKENZIE … View Profile

    Hi edz! Insulin is produced by the pancreas. Why are you interested in knowing what organ produces insulin? Regards, Neil

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    Rochelle @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    So if I have pancreas issues should I be watching out for Diabetes??

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    Inger Wang

    Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Diabetes Educator

    I'm a Credentialed diabetes educator I work together with 2 endocrinologists. I'm specialized in type 1 diabetes, insulin pump therapy and sport and diabetes. I … View Profile

    The pancreas has two functions it produce digestive juces and also insulin. Diabetes is a condition where you dont produce enough insulin. If you have issues with your pancreas like infections (pancreatitis) or some types of cancer you might risk develop diabetes. Both pancreatitis and pancreas cancer are quite rare but serious. Regards Inger

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    Rochelle @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks very much Inger. I appreciate the answer.

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    Carolien Koreneff

    Counsellor, Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Diabetes Educator, Psychotherapist, Registered Nurse

    Carolien Koreneff is a Somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapist, Health Coach, Counsellor as well as a Credentialed Diabetes Educator with over 20 years experience. She currently sees … View Profile

    As others before me have explained it is the pancreas that produces insulin, but not the whole pancreas!
    Only the beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin, so the development of diabetes is related to a beta cell function failure of some kind. In type 1 diabetes the beta cells are being “killed”, whereas in type 2 they are still present, but not working well enough.
    The pancreas also contains alpha cells which produce glucagon, the ‘antidote’ to insulin, so called because glucagon can release glycogen (stored glucose) back into the blood stream. People with type 1 diabetes often have both alpha and beta cell failure and this combination puts them at higher risk of hypoglycaemia.

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    HealthShare Member

    Hi Inger ~ I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes some six months ago and it has been difficult to control.  During a recent check-up with my oncologist following breast cancer four years ago tests revealed I have pancreatic cancer with mets to the liver.  Now I know why it has been so difficult to pull the diabetes into line.  Regards, Gaye

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    Arlene is a registered practising dietitian, with a private practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and has built a strong business over the last … View Profile

    In a healthy person, the blood glucose level is regulated by several hormones, primarliy insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, a small organ between the stomach and liver. The pancreas also makes other important enzymes released directly into the gut that helps digest food.

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