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    Pain after carpal tunnel release surgery

    I have ongoing pain and weakness in my hand, specifically my thumb after carpal tunnel release 3 weeks ago. I can move my fingers but have pain at the base of my thumb/palm. Is this normal and when can I expect to return to full function? I thought after the bruising and swelling subsided that I would have more function.
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  • Brian Lee


    I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004 and have worked in various healthcare settings, including primary care, private practice and community health services, … View Profile

    You have described it well from patient's perspective. However from physio's perspective, Qs need to be asked include: 

    - what type of pain

    - when would you exp pain

    - any aggravating / easing factors, i.e. moving with exertion would make pain worse

    - any night pain


    physio assessment to also include: palpation, movement, function, strength, sensory tests..etc

    As you can now prob appreciate, there are many possibilities or even combination (sometimes one pain doesn't mean soley coming from one problem) to what is the cause to your pain, it's impossible to provide you an accurate diagnosis without in-session consultation. 

    I hope you can speak to a reliable and knowledgeable GP or Physio (not every GP/physio is the same) to get it looked at.

    Hope this helps 

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