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    Headaches & Neck/Shoulder Pain

    I have constant neck, shoulder and back pain, in addition to tightness or discomfort due to scoliosis causing regular headaches. I'm 23 y/o and cannot find anything that helps. At times I go to physiotherapy weekly, for months on end, and when I walk out the door I've never once felt that the pain or tightness is gone. I do have stages where I'm virtually pain-free for a few months, but once I start to get tightness in my muscles again I know it's going to be months before it settles. Any stretches I'm given never feel like they 'hit the spot' and don't seem to help. I now continue to get throbbing headaches going through my neck and tightness and pain in my neck, causing time off work and multiple physio sessions which eventually work, but cost me hundreds of dollars. I'm looking for someone that can offer help to manage my shoulders, neck and back that actually works for me and to settle these flare-ups and manage it long term.
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    Sorry to about your head and neck.

    We definately need some more informtation regarding your headaches. Where are they? How long do they last? Are they getting worse? More frequent? Are you getting other symptoms during, prior  to or after the headaches? Is there anything that you can identify that sets them off?

    Muscle tension is controlled by the nervous system. So you need to work out why they are trying to protect this area. Is it posturally related from being behind a computer? Is it overload with lots of overhead movements at the gym or is it to do with poor breathing mechanics, stress etc?

    Headaches can be very individual and unique exqperiences for each person and so thats the way we need to treat them. It may be time for another opinion on what is causing these issues to keep coming back. Now I'm certainly biased, but osteopaths reguarly treat headaches so perhaps it is worth a go.

    If you would like some more information on Osteopathy you can read this short explanation -

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