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    What is a headache?

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    Headaches are one of the most common symptoms experienced by humans.  They are usually harmless but can create concern about their origin.  Headaches normally present as just that, with pain throughout the head.  Headaches, very infrequently, can be a pointer to a serious disease such as brain tumour or stroke.  It is for this reason that many people will seek advice from their doctor and in some cases be referred to specialist neurologists.

  • Helen Potter


    As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with extensive experience and highly advanced qualifications, as well as excellent communication skills, I can help you to: Become informed … View Profile


    While headaches are a common source of pain, disability and loss of enjoyment in life many people “just put up with them” for far too long. Headache Australia and other medically based sites are usually a reliable source of information on headache. Be wary of sites and TV articles that claim “fantastic instant cures”. Often the less the person knows about the possible reasons for headache the more confident they appear in saying they can cure you.

    If your headaches are troublesome, frequent or getting worse, then finding out why is your first priority. Once you understand the source of your headaches, and/or why they occur, then you can find out more about the triggers and things you are doing that may be contributing. Sometimes there may be a medical reason for the headache which should be investigated by your doctor. Some headaches respond well to medication and others to appropriate physiotherapy, posture retraining and neck muscles strengthening.

    I would urge you to ensure you see someone with advanced qualifications in headache diagnosis and treatment whom you can trust to direct you in the best direction for treatment and help. If the practitioner you see is a member of AHPRA (The national registration body for physiotherapists and other allied health professionals), you will always have their protection for privacy and standard of care.

    Treating headaches is often a journey of learning why they happen and how you can manage them better.

    Helen Potter Specialist Physiotherapist Subiaco

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