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    Consistent knee inflammation - worth seeing a specialist?

    I have had past surgeries to remove cartilage from meniscal tears in both knees. Right knee had 50% removed, Left knee 20%. Right knee is knock-kneed. I am 6ft, 77kg and run 30ish km per week. Lately, inflammation has been consistent around the good (L) knee and pain after a run in the front lateral aspect, around the joint line (in line with the bottom of kneecap when leg straight). Goes away with a few days' rest but comes back as soon as I run. There has been no trauma to the knee and no clicking/locking etc. Is this something simple like bursitis or tendinopathy (no creaking though) and just more rest needed, or should I be getting an ultrasound/MRI to investigate? Advice appreciated.
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    Alicia Edwards


    As a Physiotherapist, my focus is on helping my clients achieve their health goals. I have a special interest in rehabilitation, gerontology and palliative care … View Profile


    Have you seen a Physiotherapist at all?  It sounds like an overuse type injury if rest does relieve it.  With runners it is especially common to see muscle imbalance which can subsequently cause the knee cap to track inappropriately with movement.  You can appreciate that if your kneecap is sliding where it shouldn't be, it can irritate underlying structures which can result in pain and local inflammation.  It may be as simple as doing some muscle re-education work and looking at supporting the knee when running by using some taping techniques to help control the movement of the patella.  

    I would look at trying a Physiotherapist first and getting an opinion and trying non-invasive management as a start.  Most Physiotherapists are able to refer for investigations too.

    I hope this helps - all the best

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