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    What causes the noise during an adjustment with my Chiropractor?

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  • low force chiropractor for 27 years experienced in SOT AK diversified activator proficient and Neural organizaiton techniqu proficient. seminars given in perth auckland and sydney … View Profile

    as far as i recall i was told that the release of a vertebrae during a specifice chiropractic adjustment is the release of nitrogenous gases between the joint somewhat like the release of flatulence from the bowel or a even a burp . This substance can then release into the surrounding tissues, fascia and  muscles and create at times depending on the toxicity of the patient a reaction to the adjustment.. Once his has cleared the patient feels much improved with  increased mobility and reduction of pain or radicular neuropathy.If this does not occur and the patient is still in pain then another area is still subluxated/pathology such as arthritic changes and spurs are aggravating this lesion. This is where an xray is useful.  Audible manual adjustments are not always required or chosen as the technique your chiros treatment of choice. There are several low force chiro techniques that do not require manual manipulaiton such as Activator method Sacro-occipital technique (blocking) and Neural Organization Technique. for more infomation go to

  • Dr Adam Arnold

    Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist

    I specialize in working with the nervous system to ensure your body is working well. This includes but is not limited to musculoskeletal care. I … View Profile

    Dr. Clark is spot on with her answer.  A mixture of gases is released and dispersed into surrounding tissues.  Theclicking noise is completely normal with a manual type of adjustment.  I might add these adjustments have been performed now for over 100 years and have helped many people safely.  If you are concerned with the noise, speak to your chiropractor.  Remember to keep open communication with all your health care professionals and feel comfortable asking them questions too.

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    Niki treats all ages and body types with low force, gentle chiropractic technques. She tailors her treatment program to your needs and charges highly competitive … View Profile

    The popping or clicking noise during an adjustment is the sound of gas releasing within the joints created by a vacuum. It is perfectly safe and harmless.

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