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    Treatment options for lower back pain

    Three years ago I slipped one of my lumbar discs which have caused sciatic pain on and off ever since. For the first few months after I injured my back, I saw a musculoskeletal physiotherapist but didn't see much improvement. So I started seeing a chiropractor regularly, which helped for a while. Now it isn't improving when I see the chiropractor. So I was wondering what other options are out there for treatment?
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    Firstly I would say what we do know about pain and particularly pain that has been around for a while is that an active approach to management yields the best results. What we also know is that in pain that has been around for more then 6 weeks, we need to treat more then just the effected area. We need to address things like overall health, movement, exercise, sleep, stress and mindset. They can all effect pain. You could certainly see an Osteopath whom would hunt for the 'why' this area continues to be compromised and what treatment and management need to be addressed in order to give you more then just temporary relief.

    In addition there are other modalities such as accupunture or movement based activities such feldenkrais and pilates which may be effective in addressing the problem.

    Good luck :)

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