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    I have burns and hip pain

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    In September I fell into a campfire. I suffered deep second degree burns on my left hand and upper arm. The scars are very painful. I would like help with alleviating the pain. I hit my left hip on the metal rim of the fire ring. It bruised spectacularly and now it is very painful to walk. Climbing stairs or lying flat to sleep is also painful. Can you help me find relief from constant pain?
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    Charmaine Sully

    Massage Therapist

    Remedial Massage Therapist. Qualified at Katoomba TAFE. Use a range of techniques such as deep tissue, myofasical release, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF stretches, rhythmic style … View Profile

    For the scars, I imagine even light touch and accidentally bumping things might cause an electric type of pain that makes you flinch.  Strangely the solution actually is to very slowly start to get those scars used to first feather light touch, and then gradually alter the strength of the touch and the type of touch.  You have to re-educate your subconscious mind to become aware that the scars have now healed and touch is no longer a danger.  You could start with a piece of tissue paper to start with, then progress to fingertips.  I'm assuming the scars have healed now. If not wait till they have.  Using some sort of very neutral oil or cream might be useful if the scars feel tight and as if the skin has shrunk too much.  When the skin is very used to touch, but still feels tight you can knead and massage the skin, but that might be 6mths away.

    For your hip at night you can experiment with a cold pack or wet cloth, if that feels ok.  Did you get any medical images for this injury?  It might need further investigation.  It's hard to comment further without knowing the exact location on the hip and further details.  

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