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    Weight loss when you have tried nearly all?

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    I have just stopped LCHF after a year, almost no weight loss despite following it, even with a GP and daily recording to ensure I stayed true - took all supplements but still constant bouts of dizziness every other day. Tried eating low cals, did nothing, tried all shake options, did little, tried low fat diets, tried 5:2 - worked some, but hard to stay strict....although this is my best one so far (lost 10kg)...dont gain weight that easily but tough to lose. Had most bloods done........nothing particularly wrong except lupus/EDS and joint obese range (just) and desperate to lose weight........over 40 - surgery not an option, nor are pills that increase metabolism aka speed (heart issue).
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    Mr Yuan Cheng

    Bariatric (Obesity) Surgeon, General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon

    Dr. Yuan Cheng is a general and bariatric surgeon with both public and private appointments. Yuan’s special area of interest lies in bariatric (obesity) surgery. … View Profile

    In general, to lose weight permanently, you would need surgery to alter the "set-point" in the body. Otherwise it's either very difficult to lose any weight (like in your case) or only lose some weight temporarily before weight comes back up later. 

    If surgery is not an option, then your option is really to combine both regular exercise and consistent healthy diet together and give it your best effort. Some dietician and exercise physiologists may give you useful advice and actually look into your food choices, exercise intensity and patterns etc. 

    Exercise is as important as dieting. Both would require the right plans that suit your individual body and life-style; also being persistent is very important. Good luck!

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    Kirsty Woods

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi I’m Kirsty Woods,I would like to use my experience, expertise and passion to help you reach your weight, energy and health goalsI have been … View Profile

    Hi There,

    Although you may have already investigated this article may be of interest -

    Given 5:2 worked but may have been challenging, you may wish to consider other fasting protocols. Jason Fung is a great resource for this -

    What pathology have you had assessed? And are you on any medications? Thanks in advance.

    Wishing you all the best!

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