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    What's the best diet plan to loose my baby weight?

    I’ve had three kids and am struggling to lose the weight put on from each pregnancy. I’m feeling terrible and depressed about my body at the moment and would like to loose the weight. Can anyone suggest a specific diet or diet plan I should follow?
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  • Mel Haynes


    Chef, Scientist and Nutritionist. I specialise culinary nutrition and disease prevention with plant based diets. View Profile


    Just want to say two things.

    1.  You are not what you weigh.  Your weight doesnt not make you a bad mother, bad person, bad partner.  If you are feeling depressed then you should seek help.  

    2. Diet plans dont work.  The minute you slip up you feel you like have “fallen off the wagon” which is part of the “all or nothing” mental fallacy ( see here: ) of lots of dieters.

    The best way to lose weight is to slowly start to change your diet by swapping bad foods for good foods, followed by an acheivable excercise plan - even if that is just a casual walk round the block 3 days per week.  Exercise also makes you feel better - its been shown to be as effective for depression as medication.

    Increase the amount you cook at home - take away foods and restaurant foods are full of fat, salt and sugar.  Start making sure you are getting your 5 serves of vegetables every day.  that alone should help you lose some weight.  After that swap full fat dairy for low fat.  Swap cream for low fat yoghurt.  The governement has a great campaign about that see here:

     also find a food diary can help.  If you dont want to write one there are some website which you can record your intake on and also some great iphone apps.  Personally I like the My Fitness Pal app but there are lots of others.

    Feel free to post back with questions and let us know how you are doing.

    good luck and happy cooking


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