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    What is the cause and treatment of Pansinusitis?

    Previously had polyps removed now recent CT Scans diagnosed complete pacification & pansinusitis but interestingly no polyps. Is there any modern treatments available that can find the underlying causes of my sinuses ?
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    Dr Sim Choroomi

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    "Pansinusitis" means all your sinuses are affected from chronic inflammation, causing thickening of the lining inside your nose and sinuses. "Pan" means "all" or "throughout". Thickened of the lining of this degree is basically the same as saying the polyps have come back, as they usually do.

    Your ENT surgeon will likely start some medical treatment first, usually a course of prednisone with some anti-biotics.

    If surgery is indicated then removal of all polyp tissue and complete clearance of all the sinus cavities would be warranted. This operation is often more technically challenging as the anatomy has been distorted from previous surgery. The operation may be done with the aid of a image guidance system, which is using your CT scans like a gps guidance, to ensurance maximal clearance. Once the operation is done and you are left with wide openings and good access to your sinuses, then some newer topical medical therapy in the form of nasal rinses can be delivered to reach everywhere inside to make the next recurrence as late and as little as possible. 

    You may also look into other modalities of treatment like immunotherapy if you have aspirin sensitivity. 

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