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    Is my shoulder injury related to cervical spine result?

    I have shoulder pain, which my MRI scan of shoulder is left shoulder supraspinatus, rotator cuff partial thickness tear and subacromial bursitis. Is the shoulder pain come from the MRI scan result of the cervical spine 1. C4-5 and c5-5 degeneration 2. Prominent posterior osteochondral bar at c5-6 causing indentation of thecal sac and of the underlying cord without focal cord oedema or myelomaiacia 3. No significant exit foraminal narrowing or nerve root impingement are detected.
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    Dr Mark Haber

    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Clinical Associate Professor Mark Haber is one of Australia's leading orthopaedic shoulder surgeons. He uses the latest shoulder arthroscopic (keyhole surgery) techniques to address shoulder … View Profile

    It is difficult to be cetain when you have a neck problem whether pain in the shoulder is a seperate problem or pain refered from the neck. Belive it or not, rotator cuff partial thickness tears are often underestimated on MRI and a well perfomed ultrasound is sometimes more accurate. 

    An assessment by a shoulder specialist will acertain how much of the problem is related to the shoulder vs the neck.

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