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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    I have peripheral neuropathy - what can I do?

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    Am taking Lyriva for pain. Is there anything that would help as I live away from major towns?
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    Dr Angela Lam

    GP (General Practitioner)

    I am a fulltime female GP with my own practice in Lidcombe. We are opened 7 days a week, including public holidays. Prior to starting … View Profile

    Hi there- yes, there are a number of medications which can help. Duloxetine (Cymbalta, actually an antidepressant) has been shown to be quite effective in treating neuropathic pain, as does amitriptylline (Endep). In addition, the more traditional types of painkillers can also help. However, because these medications can interact with your Lyrica, it would be best to consult your GP first.

    It also depends on what the cause of your neuropathy is- if the cause of the neuropathy is controllable, then treating the cause will also help with the pain.

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    After graduating from her Masters in Clinical Chiropractic, Cassie has completed two post graduate degrees in Chiropractic Sport Science and Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation. Her post graduate … View Profile

    As Dr Lam said, it depends on the cause of your neuropathy. You may be doing a particular exercise and in a posture which is causing the peripheral nerve to become entrapped. It is best to see a healthcare practitioner for a specific diagnosis and advice. It may be as simple as some home exercises, massage or joint mobilisations / adjustments may benefit.

    Good luck.

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    john myers

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks for the info am not a diebetes but the same condition some weeks ago I found out that I had depression and my doctor gave me tablets for that and now I have feeling coming back in my feet and walking 🚶 much better my toes are still numb but no pain life has good 😊 

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    Thanks for info am not dieters but have the same condition about 6 weeks ago I found that I had depression and the doctor gave me tablets for depression and since then I have feeling coming back in my feet and walking good 😊 my toes are a bit numb but a lot better

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    i am IDDM and have Peripheral Neuropathy pain controlled with Lyrica but have foot drop in R leg and have a muscle or achilles which makes a loud pop and causes a lot of pain back of leg is very tight

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    Jacey Kraut


    Jacey has worked as a physiotherapist for 20 years and is an Australian Physiotherapy Association Neurological Physiotherapist. "I am passionate about people getting the best … View Profile

    Common healthy lifestyle behaviours can help with managing neuropathic pain:

    - getting a good amount of quality sleep (usually at least 8 hrs a day)

    - staying active to promote fitness & activates the 'drug cabinet' in your brain

    - stress management: mindfulness/meditation/staying connected with friends

    - eating nutritious food to heal your body

    This website provides good information about living with pain

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