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    I have pain right knee joint when flexing the knee or climbing stairs. What may be causing it?

    When I attempt to walk I experience pain at my right knee.
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    Chris Flavel

    Exercise Physiologist

    I've been an Exercise Physiologist for 10 years, working in predominantly with the aged - pre-operative hip/knee replacements and chronic disease. Currently employed as Senior … View Profile

    Hi Ravindran

    Knee pain can be a number of things, including osteoarthritis, or muscle/tendon/ligament/cartiladge damage from injury or excessive weight.  The best thing you can do is get it examined by a physiotherapist or your doctor, as a scan may be necessary in the investigation.  Once diagnosis is found you can start a rehabilitation program to maximise strength in your knee, which will improve function and mobility of the joint.

    Goodluck! I wish you well.


  • KoKo Potter

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Ravindran,

    As always as a Specialist Physiotherapist, I would need to ask you many questions about your knee pain and then go through a range of tests to determine the source of the problem, and exclude other conditions, before I treated you.

    In general, though, knee pain felt on going up and downstairs may be due to the kneecap maltracking due to your foot and hip biomechanics, tight, weak muscle control, or underlying osteoarthritis. As your pain is worse with bending the knee another aspect might be an acute or degenerative cartilage tear.

    If pain is not improving by itself within a week, see a Physiotherapist. No need for X-rays etc unless your pain and function do not improve quickly.

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