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    Why do the turbinates in the nose keep growing?!

    I have had my turbinates cut back 3 times very close together and they keep growing back. Why is this?
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    Prof Thomas Havas

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    Professor Thomas Havas is one of Australia's leading Otolaryngologists. He has special interests in Head & Neck Oncology, Laryngology and Voice Disorders, Cosmetic and Functional … View Profile

    Recurrent enlargement of the turbinates is due to two things; either undiagnosed allergy or inexpert surgery. The function of the nose is to warm, humidify and filter air and the turbinates (which are made of erectile tissue) are important in this process. If you are allergic, you over react to foreign proteins, with the lining of the nose becoming more swollen

    There are several techniques of turbinate reduction; probably the best in terms of long term results is submucosal removal of the erectile tissue using a microdebrider.

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