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    1 year of Bell's palsy what can I do?

    I developed Bell's palsy when I was 32 weeks pregnant and my son is now turning one so I have had it for 1 year and 2 months. I have developed synkineses ,when I smile only left side my left eye closes. I have exhausted my options I am trying to find a cure even though my chances are slim I refuse to live like this. I am trying dsmo and colloidal silver is this ok? What else can I do? I am desperate!
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    Dr Ben Schutte


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    Bell's palsy can occur when there is mechanical irritation or pressure on the 7th cranial nerve. This can occur within or without  the skull. In the case of  a cause out side of the skull, the jaw joint , the TMJ, can be a cause of Bell's palsy. So too can the atlas vertabra. This vertebra is just below the skull. A chiropractor can easily check for alignment problems associated with these joints. The cranial (skull) bones could also cause irritation to the 7th cranial nerve and so it would be prudent to get someone who is proficient at assessing cranial bone movement to see if that can help. There are many other causes of Bell's palsy, however if you have not looked at the checking on the above you have not tried every thing yet!

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    I think that Ben has made excellent suggestions.

    I suggest that you do not self-medicate with colloidal silver or DMSO - they are just alternative medicine nostrums.

    DMSO is on the official Australian “Schedule 4 Poisons list”, which means, in this context, that it can not be used for therapeutic purposes. Similarly, colloidal silver is ineffective for treatment of Bell's Palsy - I can find nothing in the evidence-based biomedical literature which even hints otherwise.

    As Ben has suggested, a professional chiropractor or physiotherapist might be able to help.

    Apart from that, there is evidence that steroids like prednisone can be effective - this is something that would be worth discussing with your GP.

    All the best.

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